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 Lance Cowan 

So Far, So Good 

lantzapalooza muzik 

For over 30 years, Lance Cowan has worked as a public relations representative for dozens of
musicians, including Jimmie Dale Gilmore, the Amazing Rhythm Aces, Chip Taylor, and Sam Bush. Now it turns out that Cowan is himself a talented singer whose tenor may remind you of John Denver. He’s also a deft songwriter, as evidenced by the self-penned and co-written material on this folk- and country-based debut album. 


Highlights include “Fields of Freedom,” which Cowan wrote after watching Escape from Sobibor, a heart-wrenching film about a Nazi death camp; “The Letter,” which features guest vocalist Julie Lee; “A Place for Everything,” about Cowan’ packrat father; and “Blue Highway,” where the singer recalls growing up in a little Kentucky town near a tourist destination and seeing “most all the 50 states on vacationing station wagons’ license plates.” 


– Jeff Burger 


Jeff Burger’s website,, contains five decades’ worth of music reviews, interviews, and commentary. 

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