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Lance Cowan
So Far, So Good

Lantzapalooza Müzik

Four Out of Five Stars

Lance Cowan knows the ins and outs of the music biz, and though he’s mostly known to industry insiders as a publicist par excellence, it’s clear now, courtesy of the aptly named So Far, So Good, that he’s a remarkably talented singer/songwriter as well, one who’s every bit as capable and credible as the artists he represents. Not that he didn’t take advantage of some outstanding talents when the opportunity arose—mandolin virtuoso Sam Bush, guitarists Pat Flynn and Mark Elliott, Andrea Zonn on fiddle, drummer Pat McInerney, bassists Dave Pomeroy and Jay Turner, and pedal steel player Dan Dugmore all contributed to this set of songs, all of which Cowan had a hand in writing.


The result is a collection of highly memorable melodies, all of which sound like they’ve been floating in the ethos forever. Cowan is cited with the ability to craft personal portraits of everyday individuals that come across as both personal and poignant, “Little Johnny Pierce,” “Lost and Found,” “Fields of Freedom,” “Ben McGhee,” and “The Letter” (in which Julie Lee takes the lead vocal) being but a few of the examples of the album’s more tender tapestries. Mostly though, the music rings with an exuberance and enthusiasm that reflects Cowan’s unfettered joy at being able to share his song craft. The title track, “A Place For Everything,” “Sound of My Home,” and “For You” are gentle but effusive expressions of sound and celebration, all shining through with detail and desire. Cowan is a master of melody, and the proof lies in the inviting and infectious attitude and approach that pervade this album overall.

“Blue Highway” serves as a symbol of the open road that seems to have brought Cowan to this point in his career, and the gift he’s chosen to share with those who were previously unaware of his ample talents on the performance side of the divide between artist and audience. So Far, So Good indeed!

— Lee Zimmerman

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