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 “FIVE STARS! At its heart So Far, So Good is a singer-songwriter project but it seems like so much more. It would be a compliment to call it easy listening, as it is easy on the ear in all the right ways.  It stinks of quality, Cowan’s voice is pitch perfect and the songs are terrific. It’s a timeless treasure waiting to be discovered."

– Duncan Warwick / Country Music People (UK)

“This is a brilliant, wonderful album. You are a songwriter, indeed!”

– Michael Jaworek / The Birchmere

“(Cowan) is a remarkably talented singer/songwriter who’s every bit as capable and credible as the artists he represents. He is a master of melody, and the proof lies in the inviting and infectious attitude and approach that pervade this album overall. The gift he’s chosen to share with those who were previously unaware of his ample talents on the performance side of the divide between artist and audience. So Far, So Good indeed!"

– Lee Zimmerman / American Songwriter 


“My current nominee, however early, for Album of the Year! Frankly, the record had me from the minute I heard the delicately chiming (mostly acoustic) guitars on the lead-off title track......and I remained enthralled all the way through its closing ode to "Mr. Ben McGhee." (An old guy I think you'll recognize/relate to; I certainly did.) However you categorize it-- folk/country/Americana/whatever -- it's still affected me on a gut level more than anything of its ilk I've heard in ages. The songs are literate, melodically memorable, poignant and often surprisingly funny, and they're sung by Lance in a deeply affecting Bruised Everyman voice that I'd kill to have. And the backing instrumentals -- by some of Music City's finest, including the legendary "Dangerous" Dan Dugmore on various guitars -- are so gorgeous you can float away on them, even when the subject matter gets a soupcon gritty. Not to mince words, but I've really really needed to hear something as honest, lovely, well crafted and touching as SFSG for far too long. And even without the loud backbeat I normally gravitate to, it's actually restored my faith in music generally (a feat I absolutely didn't expect).

“Have I mentioned this is a freaking great album?”

– Steve Simels / PowerPop

“...sharply etched character sketches and vignettes that pack subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) emotional wallops.  Some of his subjects are sad, but none of them are dark or haunted, not with Sam Bush’s mandolin and Dan Dugmore’s pedal steel among the support. And just when you think you’ve settled on the song that will perfect your next singer-songwriter  mix disc, another one comes along to make you reconsider.”

    - Arsenio Orteza/WORLD Magazine

“I love this.  Simply beautiful!”

– David Mallett 

“With pure vocals and an arrangement that matches the spirit of the lyrics, ‘So Far, So Good’ could sit

alongside a number of Nashville classics.”

– Ed Donnelly / Americana UK

"Maura and I just heard So Far So Good on Americana UK. What a great song! We loved the singing. It’s really wonderful! Such a great melody and hook, and the lyrics are so poignant. Great production too! Hope we get

to make some music with you someday!

– Pete and Maura Kennedy

“I absolutely love your record. Your writing is really great. I could see Pure Prairie League or Poco covering these. So many stand out lines. Wow! We need to write in 2024!”

– Irene Kelley, Artist, Songwriter

“Lance Cowan's songs are populated with compelling characters and fetching melodies. His warm tenor makes the stories ring true as he sings about junk, the beauty of freedom, the tug of home and the road, and synthetics

in waltz time.  He has a terrific train song too.”

– Steve Wine / Associated Press critic 


“I have watched Lance for years help make other acts sparkle, including the Heads and (he) never muttered a word about being a singer /songwriter. You never know what is lurking in an eggshell, until it opens and surprises crawl out!”

- Richard Young/The Kentucky Headhunters 

“Of course, writing good songs puts one in a fairly exclusive group – but actually creating a distinctive voice, form and style is to ascend into rarified air. Lance Cowan has achieved a very distinctive style, warm and engaging, but most importantly, recognizable.  Lance continues to make a significant contribution to songwriting, not just as a form

of expression, but as creative art at the highest level.”

– Pat Flynn / Musician, Artist, Producer

"Ohhhh … this is so good. Just listened to the whole thing. I remember the first time I heard Lance perform at the Bluebird — close to 30 years ago now during those Vector days — and was so blown away by his talent. Hearing these songs brought it all back — especially Fields of Freedom, which still stands as SUCH a perfectly crafted and brilliant song, and Mr. Ben McGhee which I’d always look forward to him singing. And after all these years I still remember

the words to both of those songs. Bravo to Lance! Well done.”

- Lydia Hutchinson/Performing Songwriter Workshops 

"This sweet song thrums on your eardrums like a brother, friend, or the beloved ex-lover to whom the lilting lyric is addressed. Lance Cowan’s homespun words and melody lines work that way, and his voice conveys his creation with caring familiarity. You’ll want to make 'This Heart of Mine' your own.”

– Jeff Kaliss/Music Critic, Author / San Francisco

“Needless to say, then, the material is truly memorable. Clearly then, So Far, So Good offers every indication that Cowan’s talents extend not only to his knowledge of promotion and PR, but to the sounds that can be shared when all the favorable factors combine and coalesce. Is he a renaissance man? Perhaps. Indeed, one thing is certain. With this stunning debut, Lance Cowan is indeed staying true to the title.”

– The Alternate Root

“Just pulled into my driveway, and won't make it into the house for quite some time. Why, you wonder? Well, I'm loving listening to your album. Wanting now to mow a Peace sign in my front yard!”

– Terry Eagan / Patio Records 

“What is a stone cold surprise is just how great an artist he is. It’s a pretty good bet that no other publicist has ever had these kinds of songwriting and singing abilities, much less had it for the most part hidden away. Surely it’s one of the great surprises of living this life in music. Cowan’s songs have a super-deep resonance whether he’s writing about romance, people he’s met or just living the life that he does. It takes a special talent to work one side of the fence promoting so many great other singer-songwriters over the years and then switching hats and heading

into the recording studio. What a wonder!"

– Bill Bentley / Bentley’s Bandstand / Americana Highways

“I guess I was expecting a Christmas card when he asked me for my address.  What I got was a Christmas miracle.  He sent me a beguiling 12-song collection that I’ve had on replay for four days now. His So Far, So Good has all the delight, the imagery and clever word play I’d hear when I’d come home from work and wanted to know how my roomie’s day had been. Nashville’s a town full of glittery stars so flawlessly rehearsed you can sense they're counterfeit before they stroke the note signaling it's time for the trendy beach drink songs. It’s pretty easy to tell what you get when you’re listening to Cowan. It’s the kind of voice and message that resonates with veterans and aficionados, ones who recognize the value of doing a little digging to find the precious jewels.  A collection of songs that should have been released in 1990 and fought for attention with artists like Alan Jackson and Randy Travis is here in 2024 struggling to get lift-off.

Oh, well, the deeper the diamond, the sharper the sparkle.”  

– Chris Rodell, Award Winning Author

"This is a great album!! I’m glad to be part of the family…"

– David Bennett Cohen / Founding member of Country Joe & The Fish

“What a good, great, magnificent album. The musicianship is, of course, wonderful (some of those folks might have a career, y'know?) and your voice sounds superb--resonant, expressive--really fine. But I can't tell you how moved I am by your songwriting on this album; every track elicits a beautiful range of emotions. Okay, you got me—'Ben McGee’ brought tears to my eyes--and I laughed out loud with ‘A Place for Everything’ (my mom once sent me a pack of my receipts for guitar strings, etc.--from 1971!) Anyway, I'm so impressed with everything you did on this record, and it's so gratifying to see you bring your light out from under a bushel. I wanna be like you when I grow up! I hope the whole universe hears this, and I feel really fortunate to already have it in my world. Thanks for letting me hear it.”

– Bob Cannon / Music Critic, Songwriter 

“Music isn’t something you can hold – it possesses a listener for its brief moments. It becomes part of an experience that’s felt privately or shared. It both stimulates the soul & returns through the conscience. It may even hypnotize your mind – that’s what comes back to you years later when you suddenly hear it again. Lance’s songs have that memorable aroma, the drift & the sophistication of a mature countrified perception that’s never processed. Good listening is to be had.”

– John Apice / Americana Highways


“Four and a half stars (out of five)! There’s a steadiness tangible throughout this succinct recording’s dozen tracks. It is inevitable that the record also possesses a lived-in quality. What wasn’t guaranteed was exactly to what degree. As it happens, the results are more unassumingly stunning than could have been imagined.That confidence and sense of adventure gives us an album that takes a lot of risks and absolutely sticks the landing. Without that vital confidence and belief, Lance, perhaps, could never have stumbled upon such a gorgeous musical flight.  This is an album that demands to be listened to in silence, and it’s one you’ll find yourself coming back to time and time again. The production of the album is on point, as is the crack studio band. Lance Cowan’s emotional tenor voice and distinct songwriting style make this immediately familiar... yet it feels like an entirely new and exciting chapter in his life and career.” 

– Alan Cackett / Noted Critic (UK)

“The song lyrics, outstanding delivery and production are first-class. Cowan includes a little of everything from nostalgia, to social issues, loss, love and everything in between through the lyrics and song arrangement. It’s an exceptional example of the songwriting prowess of Lance Cowan, a talent he deserves to be recognized for.”       

– Jan Sikes / Buddy Magazine

“Congratulations! I 've listened to your new work several times through. It's very easy on the ears. The acoustic arrangements are outstanding, you are singing well, and the songs are solid. Good stuff. I would single out "Currently Red" (my favorite, I love to hear Hoke on the accordion, and  the character sketch of the woman currently red is really nice) and "A Place for Everything." I identify with the Dad in that song. Is Dan Dugmore playing dobro (or resophonic guitar) when one is present? I found the "Fields of Freedom" touching. When I was in college, I took a year abroad and while I was in Europe I visited Auschwitz. That was a grim day that I shall never, ever forget.”

– Jay Orr / CMF Senior Executive, Historian, Retired

“This album is like a Master Class in Songwriting.  I’m so glad you are releasing it!”

– Mary Kaye Holt / Recording Artist, Radio Host

“Cowan is himself a talented singer whose tenor may remind you of John Denver. He’s also a deft songwriter, as evidenced by the self-penned and co-written material on this folk- and country-based debut album.”      

– Jeff Burger / Aquarian

”Heartbreaking, heartwarming, funny, inspirational.  Your beautiful songs run the gamut.  Great singing, great production, great musicianship.  Not bad for a hillbilly!  I love the album.  Can you tell?”

– Terry Clayton / Songwriter

"Lance Cowan is a master songwriter and performer, I’m excited for him about this release."

– Wood Newton / Songwriter

“Lance Cowan is a world class songwriter and human being. Congratulations on a long awaited collection of songs.”  

– Troy Campbell / Recording Artist, Founder House of Songs

“I've been driving around town doing errands and taking the moment to listen to your wonderful collection of music on your CD. So many great songs, so much heart!  And all those great musicians! it's just such a wonderful delivery you have! You're getting better with age buddy. It’s great!”

– Jerry Vandiver / Songwriter

 "This is full of excellent songs. It would have been difficult to decide which one to release as a single, because there are so many good ones. Highly recommended!"

– Dan Modlin / Songwriter

“Lance is a GREAT songwriting story teller! You can quote me on that!” 

– Jeff Pearson / Songwriter


“WTF BRO??  WHY THE F*** DIDN'T YOU TELL ME YOU WERE THIS GOOD?? Okay I'm done hollerin' at you,  I LOVE your voice!  I LOVE LOVE  these songs!  I really love sh** like this - the unexpected - you f****ing blow my shit away!  Yeah, Yeah, Little Johnny, Yeah, Yeah those old Dylan songs.  Jesus f***ing christ-I am not blowing smoke up yer a$$, but just wish I would've bumped into you when New Grass was playing at Wind The Willows back in ’82. F****!  I'm a fan!” 

– Steve Yanek / Artist

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